Dear Angels...


Litte gratitude prayers from the angels to help you shift even the most persistent fears, behaviours & self-doubts, all packed with the angels' love, tenderness & support to help you on your path & give you a boost right when you need it most. Anayah xx

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Keeping Calm

Staying calm when we are triggered, upset, angry, sad, or when we really, really want a situation or event to unfold in a certain way, or peace to be restored, can feel extremely challenging, especially when it involves those we love. I’ve learned a lot about this in my life, & it has revealed an inner strength I didn’t know I had. The willingness to work with the angels on this has been a great balm to my heart & soul. May it be for yours, also.

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The Courage to Move Forward


Our souls' journeys and contracts can be a mystery to us.

Call on the angels to give you a boost, to help you through the tough times, to show you the way forward.


Ask for signs and signals along the way, ask for comfort, and ask for help to celebrate the

joyful times and experiences as you travel your life’s pathways.


That’s important too and helps us to grow our gratitude bank. Anayah xx


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The Way Forward


Sometimes, the biggest hurdle is feeling or believing that we should have the answers, when the truth is, we don’t. The angels are such a gentle, kind, loving support for those of us who feel this way, for those of us who feel overly responsible for everyone, and everything, they can help you

release guilt, & dissolve the many cords, roots and webs that go along with it all.


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Your True Worth & Value


The angels rejoice in each of us, and it is their joy to help us learn to truly see and appreciate ourselves for the unique, sparkling, radiant, Loving Light we actually are in Truth.

I know it's a big journey,but the angels are with you every step of the way.

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Strength in Tenderness


To love, and express love with tenderness creates strength & deepens all our relationships,

including our relationship with ourselves.

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Everything About You Is Lovable 


The angels rejoice in each of us, and it is their joy to help us learn to truly see and appreciate ourselves for the unique, sparkling, radiant, Loving Light we already are, exactly as we are.

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Begining a New Chapter


The angels will always love, nurture & support you through every chapter of your life

- there are absolutely no exceptions to how loved and supported you are 

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Ready to Love Again


Feeling ready to love again can be easier said than done.

The angels share this simple prayer as a powerful way forward, & to help you release the past,

& move forward with greater freedom. This may happen in layers, so be patient and affirm this prayer often.

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Letting Go of Hurt & Pain


t’s not always easy, to let go of hurt and pain, but it is essential for our greater good.

The angels know every single aspect of us, they love us unconditionally and are our greatest cheer squad.

Lean into the angels love & ask for their guidance.

If your courage is running low, ask Archangel Michael to help you boost it,

& watch as what seems impossible now, becomes easier, step by step. 

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