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Connect with 10 Ascended Masters, personally, powerfully, in a totally NEW way!




A unique look at ten ascended masters, who they were while on the earth plane, and how you can connect, communicate and walk with them - regardless of what your religious, spiritual, or worldviews may, or may not, be.


We can all benefit from a loving relationship with these loving ascended masters as they guide us, leading us ever deeper to experience and share the magnificent love that they embodied while in physical form - and now, in their Divine form.


Join your Hosts Anayah Joi Holilly (AU), Leesa Ellis (NZ), with special guest hosts Mother Mary channel Dannille Gibbons (USA), and Deb Goldberg (USA) on the Mother Mary and Jesus episodes as we share channellings and conversation from each of these 10 wonderful ascended masters.


Another divinely inspired series of programs from the divinely inspired Angel Heart Radio! 


*Free! Download your beautiful PDF below!

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"What a joy this series is! We loved bringing it to you"

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Anayah Joi Hollily AU

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Leesa Ellis N.Z

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